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    The site is created within the limits of development and attention attraction to fascinating employment which the paper modelling accessible to any age and level of skill is. Everyone can find for itself(himself) models on categories in section "News"


    Aircraft - models from a paper of planes, helicopters and other flying machines.


    Marine sea fleet - cardboard models of the ships, sailing vessels and submarines.


    Military technology - patterns of tanks and armour.


    The civil technics - cars, lorries and a various special equipment from a paper.


    Railway transportation – paper models of steam locomotives, trains, cars and armored trains.


    The space technics – scale models of space vehicles and the ships, rockets and companions.


    Fire, a cold steel – development of pistols, rifles, swords, knifes.


    Architecture - historical buildings and constructions, houses, locks, fortresses, monuments from a cardboard. 

    Figures of people, robots, animal, etc.;


    Other - original hand-made articles from a paper: New Year's toys, paper caskets, and everything that it is possible to make of a paper, not entered into the previous categories.


    You can download models in the form of archive free of charge. For this purpose in news section, press «More in detail...», on the following page there will be references for downloading, and also the model description: the size of a file, a format and quantity of pages, pages with patterns.


    In section "Forum", it is possible to familiarise with processes of assemblages of models and to see photo galleries of ready models.

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